Limerick – London – Athens



Our challenge:

Throughout February the Lightsource Labs team are going to come together to virtually walk/ run between 3 of our office locations. We will aim to cover 2,992km from Limerick to Athens via our London office together, to raise money for the Lightsource Foundation.

Lightsource bp has always been about more than just profit. One of the key corporate responsibilities close to our heart is giving back. This is why we created the Lightsource Foundation. Our current focus is to help the most vulnerable children in the area of Koh Krolor in Cambodia to overcome poverty. With 6 years on the ground with World Vision, we have transformed thousands of lives, building strong bonds with the communities we support and bringing hope and better futures for the children that suffer most.



February 1st to 28th, 2021


Just step outside your front door and start.



What you need to do.

Put on your runners, head out your door and run/walk.

Key Facts:

  • £650,000 raised to date
  • Directly impacted the lives of 16,503 people
  • Provided access to latrines and clean water to 3,485 families
  • Provided training for 26 teachers
  • Given 2,000 children access to improved teaching methods
  • Installed rooftop solar panels and battery system to the village health centre.
  • Installed rooftop solar panels and battery systems on two of the community schools.

How to donate

  • Please click on donate links
  • Our Labsathon Paypal page will open
  • Click “Chip In” button
  • Just follow the steps & donate


How to take part

  • Put on your Runners
  • Head out the door
  • Press start on the app and go
  • When finished press stop and save


Your Virtual Race App - How to use

From February 1st through to February 28th the challenge will be live in the “Your Virtual Race” App – here is what you need to do to be ready for the virtual run:

1. Download the Your Virtual Run App on iOS or Android, links below
2. Please ensure you allow the app to use your location
3. Navigate to the “Challenges” tab in the App
4. Click on the “Labsathon” Challenge and click “join challenge”
5. When you are ready to run/walk/jog, navigate back to the challenge page and record your journey, ensuring to click start and stop when finished.
6. You can run or walk as often as you like during February, please use the app each time.

Please ensure that your press STOP on the app when you have your run/walk and save.

Current Location

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